We invite you to improve your postgraduate education!

The Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan annually improves the selection format for its educational programs. This year the selection will be carried out in the following order: 
▪️ assessment of English proficiency;
▪ Assessment of written works (essay / research work plan);
▪️ interview with case decision
▪️ testing for knowledge of the state language;
▪️ competency assessment (after enrollment in studies).

Given the pandemic situation that has arisen, the Academy has decided to conduct all these stages of selection in ONLINE PLATFORM!
Step “Testing in English”: APTIS will be held offline in Nur Sultan and Almaty on June 26 and July 17, and Duolinguo will be held online at
Step “assessment of written works” will be held in an online format, where the assessment of written works (in advance with encrypted names of applicants) will be carried out on a single Academy platform. The applicant’s essay is rated by internal and external experts who are randomly sent links to encoded work.
The interview step will be held from July 20 to July 31 of the current year in an online format according to the schedule that will be set by the selection committee. The interview stage is rated by at least five members of the commission, within 10 minutes. All affixed ratings are automatically saved on the server. COMPETITION RESULTS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON AUGUST 7, 2020.
 This year, tests were introduced on a voluntary basis for knowledge of the state language in order to determine the level of language proficiency and provide an opportunity for applicants to improve their language competence before starting training. This is due to the fact that training at the Academy is conducted in three languages.