Our activity

        The branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Aktobe region in the development of curricula for advanced training and retraining of civil servants is based on the main task of developing new models of public servant transformation, taking into account the peculiarities of regional development.

        Courses of education, trainings and projects of civil servants are focused on the formation of a united scope of competencies. The training format has changed – a methodological modernization has taken place.

        The priority is interactive work, training and coaching activities, mini-projects, corporate initiatives, creative five-minutes, chips-office tools of the XXI century, cases and business games, interactive platforms.

Through which projects does the branch of the Academy carry out its task?

First of all, this is a modernized cluster of educational products – training programs, training seminars, trainings, and an intellectual platform.

Secondly, projects in tandem with:

  • Akim of Aktobe region – projects “Lectures of leaders-managers of Aktobe”, meetings with successful personalities, Development Days;
  • ASSAA in Aktobe region – the projects “School of ambassadors for change”, “Start changes with yourself”, “Shop of honesty”, corporate initiatives, social actions;
  • NCE in the Aktobe region “Atameken” – expert activities in the defence of civil servants’ projects, interaction in training programs for heads of civil service;
  • labour union he trade union of workers of state institutions in the Aktobe region – training for trade union leaders;
  • higher educational establishment of the region – cooperation with scientists and lecturers of universities, internships and internships for students and faculty on the basis of a branch of the Academy, the school of future managers “Mansap”;
  • with regional TV channels “Intellectual Cafe”, “Museum of Creative Ideas”, participation in the TV programs “Open conversation” of the TV channel “Rika”; in the program “Lucky conversation” of the TV channel “Kazakhstan-Aktobe with the theme” Competences of the XXI century “.