18-22 may
In May, the Aktobe branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized an online seminar on «COMPETENCE OF THE FUTURE: CRITICAL THINKING, ABILITY TO SOLVE COMPLEX TASKS».

An online seminar on professional development was organized with the aim of developing the skills of rational, effective, critical thinking of civil servants and increasing the level of competence to solve complex problems.

During the seminar, students will acquire skills such as:

– critical thinking and its characteristics
– technologies for the development of critical thinking – models of critical thinking, principles of action
– New Latin alphabet: structure, features, spelling
– critical analysis and decision making

– ability to solve complex problems
– solution options and methods for identifying and optimizing errors
  – stress management – solving problems during stress
– time management – an effective tool for solving problems

– The seminar develops leadership qualities, initiative, self-development, strategic thinking, decision-making skills by participating in webinars, brainstorming sessions, interactive discussions on the topics of emotional intelligence in critical thinking.

   The seminar is held in 3 modules:
Pre-Module: listeners get acquainted with the materials necessary for preliminary reading;

Online module – participation of teachers and listeners at a seminar on the Zoom platform;
Post-module: a consultation will be provided to participants within 2 weeks after the seminar.