Today at the first seminar of 2020, “Features of working with non-governmental organizations and community councils” and “Career and family: how to maintain balance?” students received ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATES.

Employees of the branch consider that feedback from listeners is the most important part of improving their activities. Therefore, feedback is given at the end of each workshop.

Today’s feedback is different than usual. Audience:

They noted that the launch of the project “ONE DAY OF THE STATE AUTHORITY IN THE BRANCH” was successful;

It was had highest regard for  the organization of the integrity store;

As part of the “Unique Gift” campaign, the library fund was replenished with the epic “The Way of Abai”;

A participant in the pre-session course among the students shared the opportunities offered by the Branch for admission to the master’s programs at the Academy, and urged his colleagues to further improve their professional development.

The seminar ended with the song of Great Abai “Kөzimnіn Karasy”.