Listeners of the first year of retraining course of 2020 defended their project work.

The project allows civil servants to improve their daily activities in a changing world during the period of globalization and digitalization and to give courage to take effective measures and innovations.

The project does not know the age. Listeners aged 22-56 years prepared and defended the following projects:

“Know your land” – the development of school tourism in the framework of the program “Modernization of pulic mind”;

“Literate correspondence for young civil servants” is a methodological manual for civil servants;

“E – Tandau” – the vote of the people!

“SPS – successful public servant” – opening the platform for the professional development of civil servants;

“Ambulance station”;

Production of felt products “KazFle”;

 «Comfortable park»;

Payments of the condominium “Warm Nest”

Expert assessment of the listeners’ projects was given by Zhanbolat Turtaev, head of the Aktobe office of the “Adaldyk Alany” project office and Sultan Mazhitov, master of economics. 

The reviewed projects will be sent to the relevant state bodies to support implementation. Congratulations to our newcomers who have passed public service with another achievement!