Useful information

       A branch of the Academy for the first time in the republic launched the project “Ambassadors of Changes” within the framework of the implementation of the state program “Modernization of public mind” of the subprogram “Start changes from yourself”.

       This project “Ambassadors of Changes” is being tested on the basis of the branch itself (Days of Development, Crowdsourcing Platform, Personal Development Training, etc.); as well as in the format of the School of Ambassadors for Changes in the civil servants of the region.

       The uniqueness of the project is the practical testing of the transformation technologies of civil servants (28 target participants).

       Currently, a scientific and methodological development of the course “Start changes from yourself” is presented, which focuses on a differentiated approach to the training of civil servants – the application of level programs to personality transformation to create an actual cluster of ambassadors for changes in the region.