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     In accordance with the Action Plan for information and image support of the activities of civil servants and the formation of a positive image of civil servants for 2023-2025, the Center for the Development of Human Resources in the Public Service was opened and began its work at the Aktobe regional branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

     The work of the center is carried out in the format of a discussion platform, where information is presented on new legislation in the field of civil service, including answers to questions that require extensive clarification, and the results of an analysis of selection procedures, passage, termination of civil service and disciplinary practice are presented.

     The event was attended by the head of the department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs in the Aktobe region Mr. Medet, the director of the branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Aktobe region Mrs. Saduakasova , representatives of personnel management services of government bodies, participants in the competition ” The best civil servants”, other active students.

     The work of the Center for Human Resource Development began with the “Best Practice” project.

    The goal of the project is to popularize and disseminate the experience of talented civil servants.

     The chief specialist of the Language Development Department of the Aktobe region, Myrza Malika Serikovna, the chief specialist of the internal policy department of the Baiganinsky district, Rita Khalykkyzy, and the head of the internal policy department of the Kobdinsky district, Arman Sagintaevich Kabylov, presented their projects.

    The meeting of the Center continued with familiarization with the results of the analysis of compliance with social guarantees of civil servants, including the timing of vacations and business trips and payments.

    The event ended with the awarding of winners and participants of republican and regional competitions.

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          From March 27 to March 31, 2023, the Aktobe regional branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan implemented the project “Project Management in School” on the initiative of the Administration of the Aktobe region, the Project Office and the Education Department, with the support of trade union organizations in the field of education.

          As part of the project, teachers and high school students of secondary school No. 28 in Aktobe, school-gymnasium No. 3 in Kandyagash, Mugalzhar district, Akkemer secondary school, a total of 60 people, became acquainted with international experience in project management and underwent training in the amount of 40 academic hours, according to the standard “Project management: RK ST ISO 21500-2014” for the formation of practical skills.

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          With the support of the Director of the project office for the Aktobe region Timur Dzhunelbaev, between the education department of the Aktobe region, the public association “Aktobe regional trade union of education and science workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the Aktobe city department of education and the public association “Local trade union of educators of the Aktobe region and the city of Aktobe” and the Branch a tripartite Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation in the field of additional professional education and advanced training was concluded.

          The goal is to increase the efficiency of employees of educational institutions by mastering project management technologies and to promote the development of project management skills in school students.

          As part of the tripartite memorandum, in the future the Branch will organize training seminars on the national standard ST RK ISO 21500-2014 “Project Management”.

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During the year, meetings and motivational interviews with state and public officials and professionals in their field were held within the walls of the Aktobe division.
And today, civil servants who have extensive experience in their field, specialists who have just begun their professional path met with Akim of the Aktobe region Yeraly Lukpanuly Togzhanov
During the meeting, the head of the region, as a person who showed himself as a leader in state activities, shared his many years of experience with young civil servants who had just entered the civil service.
Civil servants and participants of the Mansap project presented their socio-economically significant ideas.
As a result of the meeting, Yeraly Togzhanov awarded diplomas to civil servants who distinguished themselves by success during their service.

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